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Package it.stefanochizzolini.clown.objects

Primitive PDF object types [PDF:1.6:3.2], along with related extensions [PDF:1.6:3.8].


Interface Summary
IPdfIndirectObject PDF indirect object interface.
IPdfNumber PDF number interface.

Class Summary
NameTree<T extends PdfObjectWrapper<?>> Name tree [PDF:1.6:3.8.5].
PdfArray PDF array object [PDF:1.6:3.2.5].
PdfAtomicObject<TValue> Abstract PDF atomic object.
PdfBoolean PDF boolean object [PDF:1.6:3.2.1].
PdfDataObject PDF data object.
PdfDate PDF date object [PDF:1.6:3.8.3].
PdfDictionary PDF dictionary object [PDF:1.6:3.2.6].
PdfDirectObject Abstract PDF direct object.
PdfIndirectObject PDF indirect object [PDF:1.6:3.2.9].
PdfInteger PDF integer number object [PDF:1.6:3.2.2].
PdfName PDF name object [PDF:1.6:3.2.4].
PdfNamedObjectWrapper<TDataObject extends PdfDataObject> High-level representation of a strongly-typed PDF object that can be referenced also through a name.
PdfObject Abstract PDF object.
PdfObjectWrapper<TDataObject extends PdfDataObject> Base high-level representation of a PDF object.
PdfReal PDF real number object [PDF:1.6:3.2.2].
PdfReference PDF indirect reference object [PDF:1.6:3.2.9].
PdfStream PDF stream object [PDF:1.6:3.2.7].
PdfString PDF string object [PDF:1.6:3.2.3].
PdfTextString PDF text string object [PDF:1.6:3.8.1].
Rectangle PDF rectangle object [PDF:1.6:3.8.4].

Enum Summary
PdfString.SerializationModeEnum String serialization mode.

Package it.stefanochizzolini.clown.objects Description

Primitive PDF object types [PDF:1.6:3.2], along with related extensions [PDF:1.6:3.8].

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